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Let Us Help You Keep Them Up! Prevent Your Toilets from Being Knocked Down or Blown Over!
*(This device is not currently available for market but we are seeking investors to help make it available to the general public.)
Johnny Upright (US patent 7,437,854 B1; patent details at is a tipping prevention system designed to secure 4x4 portable toilets to utility poles, fences, 2x4 framing or any unmovable upright structure that will accommodate the variable interior diameter of Johnny Upright from its working position under the base of the portable toilet. Johnny Upright may also be staked to the ground with rebar in the absence of a secure pole for emergency wind conditions only. This twenty-five inch long unit is designed to keep portable toilets upright in winds in excess of fifty to eighty miles an hour (the units have not yet been tested for an upper wind limit but will be soon). A portable toilet secured with a Johnny Upright unit should prevent most  instances of vandalism where the intent is to tip over the portable toilet, manually, by tilting and pushing.
A patent pending variation of the device, known as Johnny B. Straight, uses an 18" to 28" X "1" to 2" control arm and earth screw that may be emplaced directly under the unit for situations where a local utility pole is unavailable or its use presents legal issues. (Some jurisdictions may have ordinances that prevent the attachment of Johnny Upright to utility poles.) Johnny B. Straight is the least site-intrusive of the devices as it is located entirely under the portable toilet unit. Johnny B. Straight is also safer and easier to use than staking plastic runners with L shaped rebar as the portable unit is never in danger of being hit by missed sledge hammer blows.
Johnny Upright comes with a five-year warranty. Unpainted or unprimed units made of cold-rolled steel may rust but this should not affect performance in any functionally significant manner. Future units may be made of weather resistant composites, heavy-duty plastic or even high-tensile ceramics. No warranties, however, can be made or implied regarding the prevention of any collateral damages that may occur to portable toilets, which are secured by Johnny Upright. The primary purpose of the unit is to prevent tipping. It is not designed to prevent additional damage to portable toilets due either excessive force or vehicular impact.
What Johnny Upright Can Do for Your Company or Industry
  • Tip resistance: dramatically reduce damage due to vandalism and theft
  • Secure units in high wind conditions
  • Value added security rental fee per unit based on local conditions
  • Improve worker satisfaction
  • Reduce insurance premiums 
  • Increase environmental compliance for stormwater management
  • Improve overall cleanliness, sanitation and safety of portable toilets
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Help prevent and reduce lawsuits
  • Reduces the need for spill pans mandated by some localities
*Johnny Upright is now seeking investors for manufacturing and distribution. Both units are available as potential build-ins for portable toilet manufacturers. Please contact Auriga Distribution at 540-635-5862 for more information
Three Models With different Price Points are envisaged for the Johnny Upright line but but it may be manufactured to fit any Size Utility Pole or adapted circumstances where a utility pole is not available.
Johnny B. Straight: Utilizes a control arm and 1-2" diameter grounding stake, 18"-28" inches in length located under the unit for non-utility pole securing.  Retails for $179.99 plus shipping and handling.
Johnny Upright Jr. for attaching to a variety of small stationary poles. This unit is 25 inches in length and approximately four and three quarter inches in width. Retails for $229.99 plus shipping and handling.
Johnny Upright Deluxe, which is an upgraded Johnny B. Straight model. This unit is coated in basic black paint and comes with a 28"X2"ground stake and a lock (Master Lock size 130D or 630 D recommended) for added security. Retails for $259.99 plus shipping and handling.
Contact information and additional parts may be obtained from:
Johnny Upright*
Auriga Distribution Services
A Division of Auriga Limited
1326 Progress Drive
Front Royal VA 22630
540-635-5862: office
540-635-6622: fax
*Johnny Upright, Johnny Jr., Johnny Straight and John B. Straight are trademarks of Auriga Distribution Services and may not be used without the express written permission of Auriga Limited.

Units may be manufactured in different sizes to attach to almost any kind of utility or telephone pole, fence post, 2x4 framing or even trees depending on the requirements of various localities.
Damage may occur to units in hurricane force winds (winds clocked at over 74 miles per hour) or due to vehicular vandalism. Johnny Upright makes no guarantee for performance in winds over 90 mph. Johnny Upright is presently manufactured out of cold rolled steel. However, future units may be made out of resin or carbon composites, heavy-duty plastic or even high-tensile ceramics and engineered to resist manual vandalism. Such units could also be manufactured to possess a high threshold breakaway feature that would prevent damage to portable toilets in the event of vehicular vandalism.
Johnny Upright makes no promises or warranties about the availability of use as it may be interpreted by local jurisdictions. Local ordinances vary by area and jurisdiction as to limitations on use and ownership of utility and other poles. An appeal to civic mindedness and public health should be made in any instance where use may be denied. Utility poles with a properly attached Johnny Upright unit cannot be knocked over by any manual action against the unit and should pose no threat to public safety. The amount of force required to dislodge a toilet secured with Johnny Upright would damage the toilet before damaging a properly installed utility pole.

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