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Johnny Upright (Patent 7,437,854 B1) is seeking partners for manufacturing and distribution. Johnny Upright was founded in 2003 by Sean J. O'Reilly in order to provide a much needed device and service for the portable toilet industry.

Sean J. O'Reilly is the President and Founder of the following companies:

  • Auriga Limited (a registered Maryland Sub-Chapter S Corporation)
  • Auriga Distribution Services
  • Auriga Publishing Group
  • Fifth Access Computers
  • Johnny Upright (
  • (offering over one million new books and tapes on-line)
  • (website pending)
  • River Forge Digital

Johnny Upright hopes to provide a top-notch unique product for the portable sanitation industry with appropriate customer support, and competitive prices. Our committment is to excellence.

Call Johnny Upright at (540) 635-5862 today for more information!