anti tipping device,keeping portable johns upright,anti vandal device,porta potty stabalizer,keep johns from being knocked over,prevent toilet tippingJohnny Upright
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Johnny Upright is now seeking investors for manufacturing and distribution. Please contact Auriga Distribution at 540-635-5862 for more information
Three Models With different Price Points are envisaged but but it may be manufactured to fit any Size Utility Pole or adapted to circumstances where a utility pole is not available. Locks are not provided except with the Johnny Upright Deluxe Model.
Johnny B. Straight: Utilizes a control arm and 2" diameter grounding stake, 28" inches in length located under the unit for non-utility pole securing.  Retails for $179.99 plus shipping and handling. 
Johnny Upright Jr. for attaching to a variety of small stationary poles. This unit is 25 inches in length and approximately four and three quarter inches in width. Retails for $189.99 plus shipping and handling.
Johnny Upright Deluxe, which is an upgraded Johnny B. Straight model. This shackle/control rod is coated in basic black paint and comes with one 28"X2" earth screw type ground stake. Retails for $229.99 plus shipping and handling.