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Johnny B. Straight utilizes a master control arm that fits directly under the unit. The master stake is 18-24 inches in length (depending on usage) and one to two inches in diameter--again depending on usage and soil conditions. It has a hole drilled through the top to accomodate a control arm or shackle that links the base to the master stake. It is this linkeage that prevents the unit from being moved in a direction that would enable tipping.
The master stake is first emplaced by removing the floor of the portable toilet and then placing the control arm under the runners of the toilet. Drill through the runners after aligning the control arm as close to the center of the toilet as you can be obtained. The six holes are clearly market on the "hands" of the control arm. Use the bolts and nuts provided. Please do not use your own bolts as ours have been tested for wind resistance. The earth screw is then emplaced through the center of the control arm using our designated power drill. Only our recommended gear-driven drills may be used as soil can get incredibly hard the deeper you go. Movement of the unit from side to side, or forwards and backwards, is prevented due to the denial of leverage. This is known as a fulcrum denial system.
The picture in the link below shows how the Johnny Jr. unit works using a 3/8 inch configuration (a one half inch configuration is used with Johnny B. Straight):

  • Using a wood boring or similar bit, drill 1/2 matching opposite holes in each leg of the base approximately eight to twenty inches from the end facing the utility pole. The choice of hole sets will be determined by the terrain on which the portable toilet is situated. There are five half-inch holes on either side of the unit for the Control Rod. The choice of which hole to use is based on terrain requirements and the need to avoid ballast cells in the bases of some plastic units. The two larger 5/8th inch holes at the top of the unit are for ground staking with rebar or with the stakes provided in the Johnny Upright Deluxe model
  • Secure Johnny Upright to utility pole, fence, framing or other stationary object.
  • Insert control rod through one 1/2 hole in base and insert through matching holes in Johnny Upright. You may wish to use several small lengths of 2x4 to temporarily elevate unit, so as to be able to match drilled holes with the predrilled holes in the Johnny Upright Unit.
  • Make sure unit and toilet is approximately level. Secure control rod with 1/2 washer and then tighten the 1/2 hex nut with a wrench. For extra security use a cotter pin or a small lock (Master Lock size 130D or the Master Lock 630D combination lock are recommended) inserted through the hole at the end of the control rod.
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